Team News

Each Team member who serves with Potter’s Inn focuses on various aspects of our work in spiritual formation and soul care.  See the Team Page.

This week, we announce the departure of Dustin Hibbard from our team. Dustin has been a vital and important team member for the past 4 1/2 years.  He has helped in every aspect of the work of Potter’s Inn and touched so many of your lives through his heart, compassion and giftedness. A final gift to us all is Dustin’s beautiful work developing our new website. It’s a lasting way for us to enjoy all of Dustin’s heart and gifts. We release Dustin to the next part of his vocational journey.  It’s an important time for Dustin and Natalie along with their three children as they launch out together, a new season of adventure. God bless you!

We are excited to welcome Dale Brooks to our Team. Dale is a gifted woman who has already helped us in recent weeks. She will serve part-time to offer soul care, spiritual direction and to lead Soul Care Intensives.

Sandy and Duane Hammack have sunk deep roots with us in the past 8 months. They have already lead numerous Soul Care Intensives, spoken at retreats and offered care to many global workers.

Joe and June Walters lead our Soul Care Institute. Their work of leadership blazes the trail for the vital and important themes of soul care to be spread through the deep work of study and integration.  The Walters also lead Intensives; and Joe speaks on the themes of soul care across the country.

Craig Hamlow completes his 2-year study and preparation as a Soul Care Provider. Craig is leading Intensives and oversees all aspects of our Aspen Ridge Retreat property in Divide.

Steve and Gwen are founders of Potter’s Inn and serve the ministry as the Spiritual Directors. They speak and lead retreats as well as Intensives.

Sarah Bedford sits at the hub as our Office Manager, assisting in all areas of the wheel to keep us running smoothly. Terry Bunn keeps us solvent as our Bookkeeper; and a host of others keep our retreat property clean, ready to use and beautiful.  Thank you to each Team Member!