Embracing Soul Care

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Embracing Soul Care Cover.jpg

Embracing Soul Care


Making Space For What Matters Most

By Stephen W. Smith

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Sat through a through a three-hour meeting at work… have papers to grade… cell phone won’t quit ringing… need to get the kids to band and soccer practice… have to run to the bank… trying to make it to worship ensemble rehearsal… the house is a mess… your boss is on your back… running late… the car has a flat tire… got in an argument with your spouse… Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

Like Jesus’ words in Matthew 11, Embracing Soul Care is about slowing down, stepping outside the chaos of our lives, and entrusting God with the care of our souls – letting Him give us peace that is truly satisfying. It is not about more principles that teach us how to live a fulfilled life or manage our busy lives. It about taking care of what is most important. It’s an invitation to a journey full of true companionship, relationship, and intimate friendship.

“Stephen Smith provides a user-friendly guide to caring for the spiritual person within you. Soul Care invites you to walk around your soul, look at it from different perspectives, and learn how to deepen your walk with the heavenly Father.” (Foreword by Dr. Gary Chapman)

What Others Are Saying...

It’s like someone walking along beside you, helping you think about important things and helping you find answers. I was nourished by this book. Each topic is more of a short essay than a chapter, more like a nourishing energy bar than a meal. When I read a book I have a habit of marking important passages with a dog-eared page. My copy is full of bent-over corners. I still have much to devour and learn from Embracing Soul Care.
— Doug N.
Steve Smith has wonderful insights into the human soul that he guides his readers to discover through his explanations and questions. An excellent resource for anyone who wants to understand how wondrously God made him or her.
— K. Oliver