Inside Job

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Inside Job


Doing the Work Within the Work

By Stephen W. Smith


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Effective leaders work very hard to succeed, but often at the cost of their own souls. They have to keep themselves emotionally and spiritually healthy to survive success—to keep their humanity intact. This is the work within the work.

Stephen W. Smith helps leaders in the marketplace and in ministry set aside the life-draining values of power, fame, fortune and position and instead explore the life-giving qualities of building character. In these pages you will learn to

  • Recognize and determine the inner and outer markers of success
  • Explore eight compelling virtues that every leader must possess
  • Use the principle of rhythm rather than chase the myth of balance
  • Recognize the limits of your own leadership
  • Discover how to thrive, not just survive

There is a better way to live than the craziness we experience in our driven world. Inside Job is your invitation to journey inside and do the work within your work.

Inside Job has a companion workbook available in this bookstore, which is designed for individuals, groups, classes, seminars and retreat settings to explore the book in more depth. There is one session per chapter and the workbook allows the participants to go-at-their own-speed and to explore the message of Inside Job with different learning styles and exercises. 

What Others Are Saying...

Stephen Smith understands that there’s a big difference between living life in balance, and living in rhythm. The former leaves leaders stuck on a treadmill of stress and disillusionment. But the latter helps them truly discover their purpose and live within life’s limits. Inside Job should be essential reading for anyone who is tired of the rat race.
— Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family
The family of faith is hungering for plain teaching on spiritual health. Stephen W. Smith has not written just another book about spiritual formation, one telling us what we think we already know. This book will make you re-think your life from beginning to end. I started highlighting one sentence after another until my highlighter ran dry.
— Dr. Richard Hipps, Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Cordova, TN
WARNING this book will WAKE you up to the importance of living a contemplative life. Stephen’s willingness to be open, vulnerable, honest and transparent in his own struggle to live the contemplative life provides courage and hope for all of us that crave that deeper intimate relationship with Jesus. The books wisdom challenges us to listen with the ear of our spiritual heart in silence, solitude, and intentional prayer. Thomas Merton stated “every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.” You have planted something in my soul and it is in heart filled gratitude I thank you, Stephen.
— Sister Mary Colleen Schwarz, OSB Global On-line Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program, Coordinator Benet Hill Monastery, Colorado Springs, Colorado
My story is one of struggle and pitfall, considering how I have allowed my work to crowd out the “inside work” that MUST be done. Inside Job is leading me in life giving ways so that never again will I be in that same pitfall. So many of my patients need this guidance—so many of God’s people, for there is such a great work to be done.
— Randolph James MD, Co-Founder of True Life Medicine, Woodland Park, CO
Leadership is an exceptionally complex role. And the leader’s primary responsibility is toward those they influence. Steve offers not only helpful guidance but even more importantly a crucial call to deeper waters of formation in Christ. Steve’s work provides needed direction amidst the demands of today’s leadership that they may influence others well. Don’t just read this book, pray and live it.
— Scott E. Shaum, Director of Staff Development, Barnabas International
Never was a message more timely or more needed than Steve Smith’s book, Inside Job: Doing The Work Within the Work. Like a present waiting to be unwrapped, the reader will discover in each chapter, the essential truths of authentic leadership. This is not a quick “how to” book…but a reflection of a deeper message that will stir the soul. A must read for all who are engaged in kingdom work!
— Joan S. Hall, Professional Job Coach
Steve skillfully weaves the biblical story of hope, health and living into the Christian virtues with piercing realism that captures not only the heart and mind of the reader but gives fuel to our soul. Don’t miss the experience of sitting quietly caressing this book’s message. It will change your perspective and life! Thanks Steve for such a practical and powerful tool for spiritual formation of those of us who pursue God’s work but so often act as though we want God’s job. The 10 Guidelines for Transitioning are gold! Practicing them yields fruit-bearing soulwork.
— Edward Hammett, Church & Clergy Coach, Author of Spiritual Leadership in Secular Age