Soul Care 101 DVD Course

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soul care 101 layout.jpg

Soul Care 101 DVD Course


Spiritual Conversations By The Crackling Fire

An 8 Session Course taught by Stephen & Gwen Smith, Founders of Potter's Inn. Included 8 DVD's and a CD disk with PDF Workbook for print.

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We are pleased to offer this new Potter’s Inn resource! Soul Care 101 is a simple tool to help you become familiar with the essential themes of soul care. 

  1. Understanding Soul Care

  2. The Anatomy of the Soul

  3. Rhythm and Caring for your Soul

  4. Jesus’ Model for Rhythm

  5. Core Questions: Am I Loved?

  6. Core Questions: Am I Safe? Do I Belong?

  7. God’s Design for our Dilemma

  8. Session 8: Four Pillars of Sabbath Keeping

  • 8 DVD’s mailed to you.

  • Study at your own pace or with a group/class with a DVD player.

  • Comes with a CD with PDF of the 68 page Workbook to print on your own. Workbook includes Notes and a Bible Study for each session, selected readings and inspiring quotes.

  • Purchase of the course allows for single-use permission of the Workbook. If you would like permission to print more copies of the Workbook for a group study, additional licenses can be purchased here in the Bookstore separately. ($10/each or contact us for additional bulk pricing options).

  • Paperback Books that accompany the course: Embracing Soul Care, Soul Custody, The Jesus Life and Inside Job can be bundled together and shipped to you for $50 (Free Shipping). They are available here in our Bookstore as a "Combo Pack" or can be purchased individually. eBooks are available on Amazon.

  • Price: $87 FREE SHIPPING! (Single user only)

  • Sorry, no International orders. United States only. If you live outside the US, please consider purchasing the Streaming Course. The books can also be ordered from Amazon or as eBooks for International shipping.