Soul Custody

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Soul Custody


Choosing to Care for the One and Only You

By Stephen W. Smith

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Every day, inner and outer violence ravages the soul, leaving us weak, fearful, and malnourished. In Soul Custody, Steve Smith presents eight choices to help readers reclaim custody of their one and only life – choices about silence, community, vocation, honoring the body, finding one’s true self, and more. As Steve reminds readers, allowing God to shape the soul leads to the deep, full, and satisfying life that God had in mind all along. This is not a self-help book. It is not a book of easy steps to a happy life. It is an invitation to the life God dreams for each of His children. It is a call to start living – to let the soul wake up to life as God intended.

Soul Custody is a clarion call – a prophetic call to do something significant with your life before it’s too late. This book points the way to real life as God intended. No one is better qualified to write on this topic than Stephen W. Smith. I highly recommend it.
— Gary Chapman, Ph.D. Author of The Five Love Languages
A great, refreshing read! Soul Custody gives us the permission to live intentional lives, where we let God care for us even as we care for others. I wish I’d had it in my hands years ago. Motivating, thoughtful, really do-able, this book could set you on the life course you really long for.
— Paula Rinehart Author of Strong Women, Soft Hearts and Better Than My Dreams
“Soul Custody is more than a book title—it’s a clear, specific, and direct appeal for us to care for the part of us that’s most lasting and real. With strong, yet gentle guidance, Steve shows us how to make soul-caring choices, anchored in the vastness of God’s limitless love, that will provide strength, direction, and equilibrium to every other aspect of our life. This is a must-read for anyone convinced that there’s nothing worth more than their soul.”
— Fil Anderson Author of Running on Empty and Breaking the Rules
The God who redeemed our souls has given us the responsibility to become custodians of their care. Our souls are constantly under siege by the culture, they need to be restored and nurtured. But sadly, most of us take better care of our cars than our souls! Steve Smith has listened to the Word and to his own needy soul and though he confesses he has come late to the process, he provides priceless counsel for taking custody of our own souls.
— Michael Card Author/Musician
I am grateful that he has given many years to get in touch with the souls of so many, by walking with them compassionately and listening to them well. He sounds an alarm and makes a passionate, persuasive appeal to us. He diagnosis and describes accurately and convincingly the forces in our contemporary culture that war against the health of our souls, and therefore, of our whole being. From this experience, gained firsthand in his life and that of many others, he also has learned the ways we need to become proactive in caring for our souls, that we might become the persons God created us and Christ redeemed us to be. I heartily recommend this book, both for individual use and for use in groups of those who want to walk and work together to care for the health of their souls. Thank you, Steve, for giving us this fruit of your life and ministry!!
— Douglas Stewart Director of Spiritual Formation InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Steve Smith has written a book that we need. Amidst the noise of Twitter, Facebook, reality television, and our drive for muchness Soul Custody calls us to a daily union with God which actually seems reachable. The good, good news that God longs for our presence and is always present for us is the message that can set us free!
— Sharon A. Hersh, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor Author of Bravehearts, The Last Addiction, and Begin Again, Believe Again