The Jesus Life

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The Jesus Life Cover.jpg

The Jesus Life


Eight Ways to Rediscover Authentic Christianity

By Stephen W. Smith

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There has to be more to the Christian life than we’ve been told.

We’ve lost the way that leads to life. With competing priorities and rival demands, we’re more confused than ever in how to live the life Jesus offers. Is it the church way, the American way, or the busy way? With so many ways facing us, we’re more paralyzed than alive; more perplexed than sure; more bewildered than confident. The Jesus Life offers eight compelling ways to help us rediscover what is really means to follow Jesus in the 21st century.

The Eight Ways:

1. The Way of Dailiness

2. The Way of Hiddenness

3. The Way of Family

4. The Way of Companionship

5. The Way of the Table

6. The Way of Doing Good

7. The Way of Ritual

8. The Way of Suffering

Steve Smith cuts through the religious paraphernalia and daily clutter that obstructs our path to lives of purpose and power, and he clearly explains the simplicity of The Jesus Life in the kingdom of God. He has deep insights into how we have come to live the way we do, in church and out. With refreshing realism and wide-ranging knowledge, he helps us identify clear illusions that bog us down and introduces us to simple steps and arrangements that enable eternal living. The directions he gives are self-validating. We have only to ‘just do it.’ The Jesus Life would be ideal for real spiritual progress in small groups in church and in community. Serious individual engagement with it will bring assurance that the life praised in our songs and scriptures can be ours.
— Dallas Willard, author of The Divine Conspiracy
If you’re looking for checklists and formulas on being a better Christian, you will not find it here. Instead, thankfully, Stephen Smith takes his readers on a “tour” of Jesus’ life, exploring various aspects such as rhythms, companions, traditions, and also suffering. Within each chapter, Smith shows our own need for such things and invites us into practical ways we can share in the Jesus life. There is no question in my mind that this book is key to authentic Christianity, as individuals and as the people of God. Just like the cover and the first paragraph say, you will recover your life with each turn of the page. Open this book and let Jesus help you truly, abundantly live.
— Becca, fellow companion with all of us on the journey