The Lazarus Life

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The Lazarus Life


Spiritual Transformation for Ordinary People

By Stephen W. Smith

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The life of Lazarus is one of the most recognizable stories found in God’s word. The chronicle of an ordinary man who found himself at the center of an  astounding miracle. A divine process that fully revealed Christ’s transforming power, through a resurrection that preceded His very own.

But what if the story of Lazarus holds powerful parallels for us today? What if his story of hope and heartbreak, expectancy and disappointment, death and life, is our story too? What if the transformation Lazarus experienced is available to you and me?

Stephen W. Smith presents a remarkable journey through the life of Lazarus, offering eye-opening insights into the Christian life, as we encounter:

A lingering Jesus
A life trapped in the tomb
The smell of the grave clothes
The need for others to help us
And the Voice of Love that calls your name

Come explore the life and legacy of Lazarus. Discover a story all your own.  And hear the voice of the One who loves you.

The Lazarus Life is not designed to be a quick read. It’s a guide for your own journey of personal spiritual transformation. We offer these resources to help you along the way. We want to highlight Living the Lazarus Life Guidebook, which was written to accompany The Lazarus Life book.

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Download a FREE copy of Chapter 1 of The Lazarus Life: Click here to download.

A FREE Study Guide is provided here for your personal, small group or class use. In addition, Stephen W. Smith and John Blase have created 10 FREE sermon outlines for pastors to use if they chose to do a church-wide series. Click the links below to download PDF files of each.

Study Guide       

Sermon Outlines for Chapters_1, 4, 6, 8, 9

Sermon Outlines for Chapters_2, 3, 5, 7, 10

Buy and download “Still Waiting” – A song inspired by the story of Lazarus by Jeff Morrison. Click here for a preview.

The Lazarus Life Gallery: Paintings depicting the raising of Lazarus

This book is a resource whose time has come. Steve Smith has written a vulnerable, practical, true-companion guide to finding an identity rooted in the love of Christ. You will return to this book again and again.
— Paula Rinehart, author of Strong Women, Soft Hearts and Better Than My Dreams
Steve Smith has given us a delightful and very readable tour of the subject of the truly converted Christian life. Some might call it life renovation. The Lazarus Life is a book for any man or woman who believes that one should keep on keeping on—loosed from the past, confident of the future, growing in the present.
— Gordon MacDonald, author and pastor
With simplicity and integrity, Steve Smith offers his keen insights taken from the Lazarus story. In so doing, he tells my story of desperate yearning for deep and lasting change. To the soul-sick who are looking for a certain cure, I pray that this book will bring hope and healing to your soul in the profound way that it has renewed mine.
— Fil Anderson, author of Running on Empty
The Lazarus Life is a radiantly hopeful book about the promise of resurrection in the places where we are most dead. Enter into the Lazarus story and say yes to Jesus’ invitation to “Come forth” and live!
— Ruth Haley Barton, co-founder and president, Transforming Center and author of Invitation to Solitude and Silence, Sacred Rhythms, and Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership
Stephen W. Smith is not afraid to tackle one of the intimidating questions: Why is God so silent when we most need His presence? With much experience and wisdom, Smith walks us through the journey of real transformation, as we learn to see God with new eyes, through our suffering and waiting. There is, indeed, purpose in our pain! We have much to learn about our own life as we experience a fresh encounter with the remarkable story of Lazarus and his mysterious friend, Jesus.
— Charlie Lowell, recording artist, Jars of Clay