Soul Care at Potter's Inn

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We simply cannot run our lives on empty. Jesus said we can indeed gain the whole world but lose our souls in the process.

What do we mean by "Soul Care" at Potter's Inn? We consider Soul Care as a hybrid term integrating practices of Spiritual Direction, Life Coaching, Counseling and Discipleship. We believe this care is most effective when blended with intimacybeauty and adventure. All together, this model for Soul Care is very effective for personal awakening and transformation.

The opportunities listed below offer various way you might choose to participate with us ranging from introductory to in-depth, one-one-one care to group care, 1-day to 5-day and even a 2-year experience! We welcome you to inquire more specifically about your situation and needs. We can help you explore the best opportunities for your care. Click the button below to submit your request. We will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Benefits of Soul Care

Soul Care is tailored to your unique and current needs. You’ll learn and experience some of the following as you head out on this path:

  • become more aware of God’s presence and unconditional love

  • grow in inner freedom from the things which are hindering your growth

  • learn how to still your soul right in the midst of life’s demands

  • become more intentional about tending to your soul

  • learn to incorporate valuable spiritual practices into your life

  • know the beauty of grace touching the deep needs of your heart

  • gain new insights and endurance to travel through a desert experience

  • experience divine love for healing wounds which remain from your past

During a leader's time with us, burdens are lifted, hope is restored, there’s more clarity about their life, and they make decisions which begin a new life-giving journey that continues upon their return to their normal life and work. Their changed life exhibits newly learned ways to live an unforced and sustainable rhythm of life. This fosters resilience, helps them disengage, practice soul care, producing greater results at work and deeper personal fulfillment. Couples experience a shared hope and a shared love of God, marriages are healed and restored, and shattered marriages are reconciled and restored.

Depending on that leader’s circle of influence, this can mean hundreds or thousands of people further influenced by that one leader. The leaders influence extends our work even wider, deeper, further, even touching future generations of leaders.

Current Opportunities



(5 Day Retreat)

A Soul Care Intensive is a private, 5-day guided retreat where issues of faith, life, work and relationships converge for conversation, prayer and spiritual guidance. The Soul Care Intensive combines guided conversations, pastoral counseling and spiritual direction to offer the participants a blended retreat of depth, rest, evaluation and God’s blessing.


(2-4 Day Retreat)

It’s important to have a companion when surveying your soul. We offer a unique model for you to come and rest while surveying the landscape of your inner life. Come to Colorado for a 2-4 day retreat and let us help you truly unplug. Experience the peace of solitude in God’s presence while meeting with one of our Soul Care staff for an hour each day or as desired.


(1 Hour Sessions)

Meet one-on-one with one of our Soul Care Providers for an hourly session (may be over Skype online if unable to come to Potter's Inn personally). We seek to be a listening companion with you while incorporating elements of spiritual direction, counseling, life coaching and discipleship. You may like to schedule a regular time with one of our staff, perhaps monthly, so that we can walk with you on your soul care journey.


(5 Day Group Retreat)

This experience will expose you to everything we at Potter's Inn are about in terms of values and practice–offering participants an overview of spiritual formation and the care of your soul.  A Benedicine rhythm of life is introduced and practiced together in way that is relevant to our modern times. This retreat is ideal for pastors, missionaries, staff members, business leaders and individuals interested in learning more about deepening your walk and relationship with Jesus Christ. You will experience both challenging teaching on soul care themes as well as a restful retreat, gourmet meals and opportunity to fellowship with other guests who are like-minded.


(2 Year Journey)

Experience a pilgrimage into the depths of your own soul. Travel with a cohort on a 2-year journey, 6 retreats and study. Each retreat will be filled with wisdom from experienced teachers, time to recover the stillness the soul seeks, and encouragement from spiritual directors and peers. Participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion in Soul Care from Potter’s Inn and are also be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Lowell W. Berry Center for Lifelong Learning at Fuller Theological Seminary.