A New Beginning

by Stephen W. Smith

We stand at the dawn of a new beginning.

Lord, how we need one.

The old plateau served us to bring us here.

But there is more to walk and the only way through is forward.

Before we walk, let us bow our heads

In the realization of how needy we truly are.

We confess our need for Heavenā€™s light.

We confess our desire for a Sacred Companion.

Here we let go of old illusions that have trapped us in our journey.

We leave our mistakes. We forfeit our rights.

We abandon false expectations. We forsake the false voices,

Bidding us to dead ends and walls too high to climb.

Lead us on and through, O God.

May this New Year be one where those we love are protected.

Where those we serve are deeply loved;

Where those we walk with feel our whole presence.

May we release those who cannot walk this journey with us

Because of discord that is not understood or yet forgiven.

Release us from the burden of our attempts to start over

When now our start is so different from that which we ever thought.

Sweet Jesus, be the way, the truth and the life for us this New Year.

Embolden our hearts to move now in the way

Holding truth in our hearts so that this year may be the year,

We will bathe in that which is truly life and truly live.

Guard our heart from losses that will come.

Spare us the agony of dreams ending too soon.

Spread the peace of Jesus to foe and friend,

All across this world and yet deep within.

Copyright 2019 Stephen W. Smith. All rights reserved.