Inside Job Workbook PDF Download

Inside Job Workbook Cover.png
Inside Job Workbook Cover.png

Inside Job Workbook PDF Download


Doing The Work Within The Work

By Stephen W. Smith

88 page Workbook to accompany the Inside Job book.

This item is a PDF download. Single use only. If you are ordering for a small group, please select the quantity of users for each license to copy the workbook document.

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Inside Job has a companion workbook which is designed for individuals, groups, classes, seminars and retreat settings to explore the book in more depth. There is one session per chapter and the workbook allows the participants to go-at-their own-speed and to explore the message of Inside Job with different learning styles and exercises.

Each Session Includes:

  • What you’ll cover and learn in the session
  • A brief excerpt from Inside Job that is the focus for the session
  • A guided study of Scripture with discussion questions.
  • Questions where you will dig into your own story about work, faith and leadership.
  • Outside voices with stories and excerpts from other authors and individuals grappling with the same issues.
  • Extra resources and suggestions for further reading and study including websites, books and articles.