Podcast Q&A 

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are pre-recorded audio conversations that are available online to listen any time.


How do I access the podcasts?

  1. Go to the Potter’s Inn website: pottersinn.com/podcast

  2. Listen on a podcast player app such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play Music

    Use your smart phone, iPad, personal computer or similar devices to access these popular podcast apps that allow you to subscribe and play each episode of Potter’s Inn Soul Care Conversations.


What is the benefit of podcasts?

Podcasts have become very popular in recent years. Many are finding this platform to be an inviting and safe space to listen more deeply about topics that are meaningful to each of us. Many people enjoy listening to podcasts while driving, flying, cooking, doing dishes, cleaning or exercising. And if you love it, you can share it easily share the podcast with friends!

Listeners can PAUSE the conversation and return at a later time to finish listening. They can also listen to the recording again and again.

While sharing with your friends is great, how about listening to the podcasts together? Use it as a catalyst for small group discussions with your church, family, co-workers or friends. See how you can learn together with each podcast.


What topics will be available in Season 1 of Potter’s Inn Soul Care Conversations?

Here is a list of Episodes:

  • Introducing Potter’s Inn Soul Care Conversations

  • What is Soul Care?

  • Body-Soul Connection - Part 1

  • Body-Soul Connection - Part 2

  • Three Core Questions of Every Soul

  • God's Design For Our Dilemma 

  • Not Just For Sunday - Part 1

  • Not Just For Sunday - Part 2

  • The Story of Potter's Inn

  • Exploring Human Dignity

  • Discovering God's Will through Spiritual Discernment

  • Table Chat: Two Middle Aged Men on Friendship and Soul Care

  • The True You

  • Beauty: Medicine for the Soul

  • Soul Shaping

  • Soulful Conversations: When Story Meets Soul