In His Hands

Jeremiah Potter Pictures 013 (2).jpg

The timeless image of the Divine Potter at work on the clay is really the story of all of our lives. The Potter forms us, re-forms us when a marring happens; then transforms us and finally conforms us to an image that really is a better image of ourselves.

When we use this image to know and tell our story, we can see how it is God’s hands that have been pursuing our clay all along. Even in utero, God has formed us and shaped us, given us the color of our eyes, our gender, our DNA and shaped our souls to our families of origin. David says it so well in Psalm 139:13, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”  Our inmost being is our soul—our inner life combined with our body—we are marvelously made. But through life, we get marred. We live through many impressions that miss-shape our personality, our well being, our abilities.

The work of Potter’s Inn is focused on this image of being formed, reformed and transformed.  Through each aspect of the ministry of Potter’s Inn, we work along side of the Divine Potter to help people experience the deep work of transformation.

Take a look at this diagram, which portrays a potter’s wheel and the work of Potter’s Inn. This will help explain all that we do and specifically how we go about it.

Our new website is designed to be an experience rather than just relaying information. Take some time to look around and get a feel for who we are and what we do. Let us know what you think! We hope this will be a tool to serve you around the world. And we hope Potter’s Inn will be a place for you to explore your own journey of spiritual formation as we are a resource to the individual, church and organizations.

As we work with people from all over the world who seek us out for help, this sacred picture of the Potter and the clay helps make sense of the mess of our lives.  The mistakes we make, the wrong ways we go in life, the broken dreams and shattered lives, the yearnings within, our well-being and our health are all important parts of each of our clay-like lives.

Here’s the hope: You and I are in very good hands. We are not the Potter.  God is!  We rest in his hands. We can relax while sitting on the wheel sensing the loving and tender hands who come to shape us and re-form us into better versions of ourselves. In His hands we find mercy, grace, love, strength and tenderness to form what is marred into the good—into what He desired all along.

Thank you for your interest, support and prayers in the ongoing work of Potter’s Inn and we hope our paths will cross someday soon through a book, a retreat, a conversation or a prayer.

All blessings,

Stephen W. Smith