Excerpt from Between the Dreaming and the Coming True by Robert Benson

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The journey between the dreaming and the coming true is a journey made on holy ground. It is a journey made through silence and longing where, if we will listen, we can hear the whisper of the Dreamer echoing deep within us, calling us to become what the Dreamer sees when our names were first whispered: saints who believe in and pay attention for and recognize the Voice; saints who live our lives in joy and confidence and hope rather than judgment and anxiety and desperation; saints whose hours and days and lives are spent carrying people to the Christ, lending each other a hand when one has fallen, slipping along the river that brings joy to the heart of God, carrying God’s peace and love and presence and life to those we meet along the way.

That is what we have been sent here to do. And we will.

The Dreamer’s dream will always come true

-Robert Benson, Between the Dreaming and the Coming True: The Road Home to God