Episode 21 - What is a Soul Friendship?

What is a Soul Friendship?

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Show Notes

Today we are talking about friendship. Not just any kind of friendship, but spiritual, or soul friendship. What is a soul friend (in Gaelic known as Anam Cara)? And how does it tie in to having a spiritual director? Listen in on this conversation with Kaylene and Tara Owens, founder of Anam Cara Ministry, and learn!

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Today’s Guest - Tara Owens

Tara was born in Montreal to British parents who moved to Canada for a better life for their growing family. Canadian by birth and British by blood, she has lived all over the US, and now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Tara discerned the call to spiritual direction while completing a Master of Theological Studies in Spiritual Formation at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. She was captured by the incredible privilege it is to companion someone as they discern the voice of the Loving Creator in their lives.

Tara founded Anam Cara Ministries in 2007 as a place of where true soul friendship can be found. ‘Anam Cara’ is an ancient Celtic word meaning ‘soul friend,’ one of the essential qualities of a spiritual director.

Suggestions on where to find a Spiritual Director:

Moment to Breathe - A Friendship Blessing by John O’Donohue (from John O’Donohue’s book Anam Cara: A Book Of Celtic Wisdom

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