Episode 23 - Ancient Ways for Modern Times, Part 1

Ancient Ways for Modern Times, Part 1

What Benedictine Spirituality offers a 21st Century Pilgrim

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Show Notes

What is Benedictine spirituality? And how can it be a model in our chaotic, confusing, fast-paced world?

Today Steve is talking with Sister Mary Colleen Schwartz from Benet Hill Monastery, a Benedictine Monastery in Colorado Springs, CO that follows the teachings of St. Benedict. St. Benedict recognized that prayer, work, study, and leisure, while in community, could create a mechanism to seek Christ authentically. Listen as Steve and Sister Mary Colleen unpack what that means for each of us, and how to live an integrated and contemplative life.

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Today’s Guest - Sister Mary Colleen Schwartz

Years ago, Mary Colleen’s grandmother suffered a stroke. She would visit her in the hospital to help feed her. The other nurses would tell her, “You know, you have a knack for this.” After having surgery on her own knee, a priest asked her, “Why don’t you think about nursing?” So, she became a nurse and worked in the field for 33 years. As her spirituality grew, her nursing took on a new focus – seeing God in others.

Mary Colleen finds a wonderful melding of service and spirituality.“I have such love for these sisters. I give and serve them through the compassion and wholeness of Christ for the common good of this community – which is mine. Community is living what you do for Christ. Keep seeking God, learning about self, surrendering always. Is it easy? No. Is it what I want? Yes.”

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We want all our Podcast family to know about the release of “Soul Tending” the dramatic sculpture showing the story of our lives in clay and the hands that shape us. You can listen to the podcast, Episode 22 where Steve talks to Scott Stearman, who sculpted this wonderful piece of art.

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