Episode 11

Discernment: The Journey to Discover God’s Will

Show Notes

All of us are looking to discover God’s will. We all need clarity in making decisions. This exciting conversation between Steve and Father Tim Corbley unpacks spiritual discernment, defined as the art of finding clarity. Through discernment, our goal is to “find God in all things.”  Father Tim was Steve Smith’s spiritual guide for year long journey Steve took in 2017, called The Ignatian Exercises. This conversation is like listening to two seasoned souls talk of deep things. 

Four Movements of the Ignatian Exercises

  1. The first movement concentrates on how much we are loved by God, how he thinks of us as his beloved.

  2. The second movement is a realization of our sin. The Ignatian tradition defines sin not as morality based but based on our ability to hear God. As we are more attuned to God, we hear his plan for us and are given discernment on the decisions we must make.

  3. The third movement is about how our desire to please God is the will of God; our surrender to Gods voice is freedom. Living with open hands and knowing that God will open the way gently. 

  4. The final movement is about Holy Indifference… the act of surrender. Holding your hands out and up without clinching and grabbing or holding on. 

 Rev. Dr. Timothy L. Corbley I.V. Dei

The Reverend Doctor Timothy Corbley was ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood in May 1993 and is a co-founder of Heart of God Hermitage, a contemplative center of spirituality near Woodland Park Colorado. He brings with him a passion for helping others to grow more deeply in their spiritual lives. Fr. Timothy has ministered in a variety of settings. He has served the people of God as a pastor, hospital chaplain, teacher of pastoral care, retreat director, preacher of parish missions, and is a trained spiritual director in the Ignatian tradition. Fr. Timothy’s current passion is providing spiritual guidance, pastoral care, and leadership to the faithful of Teller County Catholic Community.


Moment to Breathe: Merton Prayer

Sleeping with Bread by Matthew Linn, Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn

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