Episode 10

Exploring Dignity of the Soul

Show Notes

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In this episode, Steve speaks with Mel Lawrenz, former lead pastor of Elmwood Church and the author of the book “Time of Dignity.” Together they delve into the question “How do you define Dignity?”  In the process they discuss inherent worth and the assaults that are eroding our basic sense of dignity and worth: illness, aging, bureaucracy, technology, and busyness. It’s a discussion that will challenge you to think about the universal truth of the Genesis account, how that truth is violated all the time in our culture, and the ultimate truth that all people matter.


A Time for Dignity: Crisis and Gospel Today by Mel Lawrenz


Moment to Breathe: A Prayer for Uplifting Human Dignity

The Contemporary Christian by John Stott

The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis

David Benner Resources

Henry Nouwan Resources

Unbroken: An Extraordinary True Story of Courage and Survival (Story of Louis Zamperini) by Laura Hillenbrand

The Universal declaration of human rights (1948)

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