Episode 14 - Confessions About Being a Dad

Confessions About Being a Dad

Show Notes

We are excited to offer today’s podcast as a gift to men and the women who love them. Steve Smith and Joe Chambers sit down and share their true confessions of being fathers. They share the good, the bad and the beautiful, as well as the brutal, in their journey to being fathers. They explore the “waking up” of their own souls, as well as the souls of their children and wives. It’s an honest conversation that will invite you to the courageous parts of your own story and inspire you to live out your fathering from the heart.

As a special gift, we’re offering you a free download of a marvelous chapter in Steve’s book for men—The Transformation of a Man’s Heart published by Inter Varsity Press. Dr. Ross Campbell, a Christian psychiatrist, wrote this chapter for the book on being fathers. It’s free and listed in the Resource section below.

Our staff is taking a break this summer - enjoy your summer and time with your family, and we will see you in August!



  • “The Transformation of a Man’s Parenting” by Dr. Ross CampbellFree Download of Chapter from the book The Transformation of a Man’s Heart



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