Episode 15

5 Reasons Soul Care Matters

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Show Notes

We are excited to be launching our second season on August 20!  While you are waiting for our new season, we wanted to share this timely message from Steve and Gwen Smith. If you have ever wondered why soul care should matter to you, this is the podcast for you.

Five Reasons Soul Care Matters

1.      We live in perilous times – we are exhausted, weighed down with troubles. All of this affects us.

2.      The tendency to live in a sense of scarcity instead of inner abundance.

3.      Jesus said the soul matters.

4.      It’s about how-to embrace life on earth - It’s not about finding the perfect answer. It’s not just about surviving.

5.      The promise of Abundant life - it is not about a busy life but a life of reflection, a chance to slow down and live meaningful.



Soul Custody is a primer on what soul care is and what soul care is all about. The chapters provide a framework to help you re-think your life and how you are living. Steve provides a study guide at the end of each chapter for individual reflection or small group work.

  • Moment to Breathe: “For a New Beginning” by John O'Donohue  (Download)

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