Episode 9

The Story of Potter’s Inn

Show Notes

In 2000, Steve and Gwen Smith moved their family, their work, and their geography to begin living out what was happening in their inner lives. Potter’s Inn was the result of that shift.  Dustin Hibbard sits down with Steve and Gwen to discuss how a point of personal crisis was the beginning of Potter’s Inn, and how the question, “what is the abundant life?” would be the catalyst for their healing… from the inside out. They share how that healing helped to redefine their success, redefine their rolls, and helped them relax and learn to live in the rhythms of Jesus Christ, leading to a daring adventure called Potter’s Inn.


Moment to Breathe reading: Jeremiah 18:1-6 (NIV)

More about the Vision of Potter’s Inn: The Birth of a Third Space

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