Episode 16 - Anatomy of the Soul

Anatomy of the Soul

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Show Notes

We have heard about the Soul, we know we have one – everyone is talking about it, but who really knows what the soul is? And if we are confused about the soul, how can we ever care for something we don’t understand?

While we care for our physical bodies because we understand that to survive, we need healthy foods, water, and so much more. It’s the same with our souls, but how do you care for your soul and live the abundant life? Join is as Steve looks at the internal workings and the structure of the soul and how to begin living your own abundant life.

Dig deeper and find out more about the core needs of the soul by listening to one of our podcasts from Season 1 - Three Core Questions of Every Soul - Am I Loved?… Am I Safe?… Do I Belong?   


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Soul Care 101 is a simple tool to help you become familiar with the essential themes of soul care:

Session 1: Understanding Soul Care

Session 2: The Anatomy of the Soul

Session 3: Rhythm and Caring for your Soul

Session 4: Jesus’ Model for Rhythm

Session 5: Core Questions: Am I Loved?

Session 6: Core Questions: Am I Safe? Do I Belong?

Session 7: God’s Design for our Dilemma

Session 8: Four Pillars of Sabbath Keeping



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